Buzzer Beater or Personal Foul – NBA Players & COVID-19

NBA Star Shines in Interview with Dr. Fauci

Stephen Curry for President!  Stephen had a respiratory illness and subsequently tested negative for COVID-19, but he wanted to help others to be aware and take care. His superstar status allowed him to interview Dr. Fauci. Stephen researched, got input from the masses, and then conducted an informative interview with Dr. FauciOne participant wrote, “This is the most important action I have witnessed from any NBA player!” 

Stephen is best known for his 3-point shooting, but he showed that he is more than just a baller. He is a concerned citizen and eager to use his position in society for the greater good. His efforts have been applauded.  Marcus Smart, another NBA star, felt great, but tested positive for COVID-19.  The media applauded his efforts in sharing his results and using it as a platform to encourage young people to take the disease seriously–it can affect people of all ages.  Not everyone in America loves sports but having stars deliver messages has a great impact, particularly for young people.

NBA Players Tested for COVID-19 Right or Wrong

Let’s face it, like it or not NBA players are revered in the U.S., but getting to the front of the line for COVID-19 testing has created a rumble. I was enjoying some delicious, Sweet and Spicy tea by Good Earth, as I read about the issues.

Now it is time to spill the tea.  Some have asked why asymptomatic (no symptoms) professional basketball players were able to get tested while the average American couldn’t get tested unless they were very ill.  Adam Silver (NBA commissioner) felt that testing the players was appropriate because they could potentially be super spreaders. Also, he viewed the heightened awareness of COVID -19 in the broader community, as a positive outcome. Money and the ability to work with commercial companies for testing allowed the players to be tested.  So they received VIP treatment and were granted special privilege, which is the American way! This may not seem right, but you could bet that if older season ticket holders had started contracting the virus, traced back to attending games, bull horns would have sounded about why these young men who travel all the time, work in close quarters, and could be asymptomatic carriers, had not been tested!

COVID-10 Test Shortage

We’ve been told for weeks that COVID-19 tests were in short supply–not enough tests to get a real view of the total number of Americans impacted. Of late, more tests have become available, yet we still don’t have enough and criteria remain narrow for testing. Adequate COVID-19 testing is crucial for an appropriate response to the pandemic. Tests that could be rapidly reported out were really needed early on before we exploded into the six figures that we have now.  Rather than rag on the athletes, the issue is why we didn’t have adequate testing earlier so that we could have screened, traced, and isolated or quarantined more people. Ideally, large numbers of people should have been tested as the vicious virus was just starting to circulate. But, crisis brings out the Achilles heels of a Nation.  The haves or have nots, the color line, power, privilege, ineptitude of some, and the rest.

A Matter of Perspective

Stephen Curry and Marcus Smart were viewed as buzzer beaters in their efforts to increase awareness and encourage people to do the right things to be safe. However, the NBA and other players were charged with personal fouls because they had ‘robbed’ everyday citizens of COVID-19 tests. There are always two sides of a coin, but I don’t think that these players should be blamed.  It is the System that is to blame.  The NBA players are scapegoats in a situation that could have been handled better.  The U.S. Surgeon General and others have admitted that testing overall did not go well as the pandemic began to unfold and it took days to get results even when the test was available.

It is too late to lament what could or should have been done.  We are where we are at this time. Rather than quibbling over spilled milk (I could have used some in the spicy tea), we have to pull up our shorts and do the things that can slow the progression and flatten the curve.  More people are getting tested, though still not enough, and the numbers of positives have vastly increased.  Also, the death toll is mounting. People, this is an “ugly death” disease. The NBA did the right thing to cancel the season when it did. Let’s all do our part to follow the guidelines and keep us ALL safe.

It Takes a TEAM Effort

COVID-19 is out there ravaging our country, some places worse than others.  It requires a supreme team effort to defeat this formidable foe. For the entire Nation to be healed and to slow the death and destruction of this virus, we need to follow the game plan:

First and foremost, maintain your required position. STAY at HOME, stay at home, stay at home, stay at home!

An announcer and a doctor in New York City, used an explicative to more graphically drive home the point. Stay the [fill in the blank] home!!

Avoid  touching the T-zone on your face. The nose and mouth can be entry points.

Wash your hands often and for 20 seconds with soap and water or use hand sanitizer that is 60-95% alcohol. Your hands carry germs you can’t see.

Guard against being in large crowds. You can’t tell by looking or listening, who is infected.

Stay behind the foul line, 6 feet away from folks if you are out and about.

Now, I told you I was drinking Sweet and Spicy tea. 

Please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts or share your tea recipe.                                                       

Tea Chaser:  

Did you hear about the minister that got arrested for conducting in-person church service? He should have read the last blog. 

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