911: A Bigger Virus than COVID-19. Another Sacrificial Lamb, George Floyd

The Virus of Racism Greater than COVID-19

Primal SCREAM!!!!  I started this blog to help bring education and insight around the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). As a doctor that was an easy topic for me. I loved learning and sharing about COVID-19. But,  today I feel angry and sad about what is going on!  I have to talk about a much more deadly virus- the virus of hatred and racism.  This racism virus has been present for centuries in the U.S. and had been running parallel to COVID-19 currently.  However, with the vicious death of George Floyd by the police this racism virus catapulted past COVID-19 in my mind.  

What the F…?


COVID-19 has caused us all stress with the deaths, job loss, financial concerns, etc.  Asians have begun to experience much of what Black people have dealt with most of our lives, no matter our position in life.  As I was watching the news sipping some cranberry ice tea I was shocked to see the scene of a white policeman with his knee pressed on a Black man’s throat, compressing the man’s neck (carotid) arteries with his full body weight. He seemed to take delight as the Black man begged for his life.  I could not process this well at the time.  My initial reaction was– what the F—!  The image was frozen into my consciousness, but I intentionally buried it because I knew that I would have to be very focused when working at a heavily ‘COVID-19 possible’ clinic this week.  The prospect of getting sick and not reaching my retirement in good health already had my heart intermittently racing.

Eye Witness Account of the Death

The frozen image began to melt when I watched CNN on Wednesday. A Black witness to the murder of George Floyd recounted how he encouraged the police to do the right thing. It reminded me of the scenes of an enslaved Black receiving lashes from a whip while other blacks were forced to witness the inhumane treatment. The witness, Donald Williams, broke down and cried by the end of his account.  I was right there with him. My heart goes out to George’s family. “Something has to be done”, Williams said at the end.

Unnecessary Murder Pushed us Over the Edge

We have been beat down and victimized so long.  This is the source of our pain and struggles.  This is why we don’t always achieve what we have within us. This has been designed and perpetuated by those in power.  I am sure George did not wake up that morning knowing he would be yet another sacrificial lamb.  Donald Williams certainly was not planning for anything unusual to happen just going to the corner store. WE were all already stressed by COVID-19, African Americans dying disproportionately. But this unnecessary murder has pushed us over the edge.

Resulting Civil Unrest

“…Bring about the freedom of these people [of African descent in the Western Hemisphere] by any means necessary.”

Malcom X

On the same show there was a discussion about the civil unrest that was starting. Don Lemon did a great job of explaining why the incident incited this.  People are tired of the racism and maltreatment, tired of the disparate treatment of Blacks in America, and tired of it being okay to just treat Black folks any kind of way! And we are supposed to just sit there and take it.  Folks are tired of being called THUGS while white protesters spitting in the face of police or toting guns are called “very good people”.  I could go one and on.  We are all getting sick and tired of being sick and tired (Fannie Lou Hamer). However, we are not too tired to rise up during these difficult times.  We will not stay down for the count, we will rise up!!

U.S. President so Un- Presidential

I have to take the liberty right now to comment further on this U.S. President’s recklessness.  He won’t wear a mask, he wants to open churches STAT, and he ……. .  He is witnessing the volatility around the Nation. This has not occurred for frivolous reasons but due to the senseless murder of George Floyd. Does he do anything presidential?  Absolutely not. Rather he decides to pour gasoline on the fire.  Why do they allow this low IQ President to tweet?   His recent tweets are proving him to be the man we all thought he was. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. He continues to show his RUMP.  He is infected with the virus that is worse than COVID-19. This tweet I reference was straight from the 1960’s when a racist cop commented that when the looting starts the shooting starts.  

This U.S. President doesn’t need a mask because he is so infected by the racism virus that he is probably immune to COVID-19.

The November 2020 Election is an Emergency

We need to get a President that is about unifying the United States rather than working to sharpen the divide.  We should have no tolerance for hatred and racism. We need a President that is not setting the tone for death and destruction of anyone that doesn’t look  or think like him.  We need a President that has empathy and cares about someone other than himself.   In November we all have the opportunity to select another LEADER.  I’m not telling people who to vote for, but before you mail in or push the ballot button exercise caution. You should flip through the past year and see if you can find anything of positive significance that occurred during this man’s final year in office. Even if you share this President’s views, know that you will be next!  This election is a 911 emergency like no other. The fate of the Nation is hanging on this one.

Tea Chaser:

No weapon formed against us will prosper! Will there be justice in November?


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